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Weddings & Honeymoons Magazine February 2023 Cover

February was a huge month for me as an artist as my work made the cover of national bridal magazine, Weddings & Honeymoons. I was also lucky enough to have more of my latest campaign images on a four page spread inside! The campaign was such a special one for me for many reasons - to be showcased around Valentines Day (also known as peak engagement season) on a national scale is a dream come true. The magazine was also still available to buy in time for International Women's Day and celebrating as well as empowering women is the main reason I love my job so much. My latest campaign imagery was created by an all female team and I'm so proud of how we executed my vision and truly made some magic. The February 2023 issue of the magazine is still available to buy on back order from the Weddings & Honeymoons website so be sure to check it out if you were unfortunate enough to miss it.

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